The 9th All in Print China 2023

The 9th All in Print China 2023

The 9th All in Print China 2023

Dates: 1-4 November 2023

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Over 110,000m² of Cutting-Edge Printing Technology
  • 1,000+ Leading Exhibitors
  • A Gathering of 100,000+ Visionaries

20 Years of Leading the Printing Revolution:

Since its inception in 2003, all in Print China has consistently pushed the boundaries of printing technology. This dynamic collaboration between the Printing Technology Association of China, China Academy of Printing Technology, and Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd has hosted eight groundbreaking sessions.

Your Window to the World of Printing Technology:

As the “Oriental Window of World Printing Industry,” this exhibition has been instrumental in facilitating international transactions, fostering professional exchange, and driving the dissemination of cutting-edge technologies.

Steering China’s Printing Industry towards Green, Digital, and Intelligent Horizons:

China’s printing industry is on an exhilarating trajectory towards becoming a powerhouse, characterized by its commitment to “green, digitalization, intelligence, and integration.” All in Print China stands at the forefront, championing this journey of innovation and growth.

Exhibit Categories at the 9th All in Print China 2023:

  • Innovative Technologies: Cutting-edge solutions like 3D printing and augmented reality applications.
  • Services and Software: Solutions to enhance printing efficiency and precision through software and services.
  • Components and Infrastructure: Essential building blocks for high-quality printing setups.
  • Other Consumables: Materials beyond ink and paper, including adhesives and coatings.
  • Printing Ink: Various inks for specific applications.
  • Paper and Substrates: Materials for printing, including specialty substrates.
  • Post-Press and Packaging Converting Equipment: Machinery for post-printing processes and packaging.
  • Printing Equipment: A wide range of machines for various printing processes.
  • Press Equipment: Machinery for applying ink to substrates during printing and many more.

Experience the Future of Printing with DIMO TECH:

We are thrilled to announce the participation of DIMO TECH, a leading force in the label postpress equipment. Discover their latest offerings and witness the precision, quality, and innovation that define DIMO TECH’s contributions to the industry.

Find us at – Booth W3B409 (Wenzhou DIMO TECH CO., Ltd.)

New Product Showcase: Digital label die-cutting machine

Digital Label Die Cutter

The 9th All in Print China 2023: Shaping the Future of Global Printing

Be part of the movement that’s revolutionizing the world of printing. Join us at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (Booth: W3B409) from 1-4 November 2023, and be a part of the next chapter in printing industry excellence. Contact us for more details.

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