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Your Advanced Rotary Die-Cutting Solution

  • Ensures precise tracking of materials and accurate cuts
  • Provides synchronized traction for optimal material handling
  • Internationally recognized servo drive for precise material alignment

Rotary Label Die-Cutting Machine Parameter Configuration

Model KYRT 370/480 Model KYRT370/480
Max Speed Rotary: 120m/min

Intermittent: 300times/min

Max Up Rewinding Dia 450mm
Die Cutting Repeat 50-444.5mm Max. Down Rewinding Dia 800mm
Die Cutting Precision ±0.15mm Rewind Inner Core Size 1~6inch standard in 3inch
Max.Unwinding Dia 800mm Thickness Of Material 20-300 um
Air Source 0.8 Mpa

Precision Label Cutting Perfected With Rotary Die-Cutting Machine

Speedy Precision for Label Cutting

Speedy Precision for Label Cutting

The rotary cutting process is faster than other cutting methods because it operates at high speed, making it suitable for large-scale label production.

Accurate Cutting across Materials

Rotary die-cutting machines are known for accurately cutting various materials, such as paper, adhesive labels, and films.

Accurate Cutting across Materials
Customized Dies for Creative Labels

Customized Dies for Creative Labels

The dies used in the machine can be customized to create labels in different shapes, sizes, and designs. This customization is especially useful for businesses.

Customize your rotary die-cutting machine

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DIMO TECH | Your Trusted Partner for Rotary Label Die Cutting Services

At DIMO TECH, we specialize in delivering exceptional rotary label die-cutting services that set industry standards. 

  • We offer customized solutions
  • Waste matrix unit ensures efficient waste removal
  • Versatile machines to handle a wide range of label materials.
  • Our solutions are transparent

FAQ Guide

What Is A Rotary Label Die-Cutting Machine?

A label die-cutting machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the label manufacturing industry to cut label materials into specific shapes or sizes precisely. This machine employs a cylindrical cutting tool, often referred to as a “die,” which rotates while the label material is fed through it. 

The die is designed to have sharp edges that correspond to the desired shape of the labels. As the material passes through the machine, the rotating die presses against it, cutting out the labels precisely.

What Is The Principle Of Rotary Label Die-Cutting Machine?

The principle of a rotary label die-cutting machine revolves around precise material transformation. As label material is fed through the machine, the die rotates rhythmically. The rotating die exerts controlled pressure, and the machine’s servo motor-driven systems precisely control the cutting process.

What Are The Key Components And Features Of A Rotary Label Die-Cutting Machine?

Here are the key components and features of a Rotary Label Die Cutting Machine:

Rotating Die

The heart of the machine is the rotating cylindrical die. It can be customized to the required label shape and is responsible for cutting through the label material.

Label Material Feeding

The label material, which can be paper, adhesive labels, films, or other substrates, is fed into the machine. The die-cutting process takes place as the material passes through the machine.

Tension Control

The machine often features mechanisms to control the label material’s tension, ensuring consistency and even cutting, which is especially important for maintaining label quality.

Servo Motors

Modern rotary label die-cutting machines often utilize servo motors for precision control. These motors ensure accurate and repeatable cuts, allowing for complex shapes and intricate designs.

Waste Matrix Removal

Many machines have waste removal systems to remove excess material after cutting the labels efficiently. This results in clean and neatly separated labels.

Touch Screen Control

Control panels with touch screens allow operators to set up cutting patterns, adjust settings, and monitor the machine’s performance.

Inline Printing Integration

Some machines can integrate printing processes with die cutting, enabling labels to be printed and cut in a single streamlined process.

Material Tracking System

To ensure accuracy, machines may have tracking systems that keep the label material properly aligned as it moves through the cutting process.

Interchangeable Working Modes

Machines might offer both intermittent and full rotary interchange working modes, providing flexibility for different types of label production.


Rotary label die-cutting machines can be tailored to suit specific label designs and sizes, allowing for creative and unique label shapes.

What Is The Maximum Cutting Speed Of The Machine?

The maximum cutting speed of a rotary label die-cutting machine can vary widely depending on the specific model and manufacturer. It’s an important specification to consider as it directly impacts the production efficiency and throughput of the machine.

High-quality rotary label die-cutting machines can typically achieve cutting speeds ranging from around 100 feet per minute (30 meters per minute) to over 500 feet per minute (150 meters per minute) or more. 

Does The Machine Utilize Servo Motor-Driven Systems For Precision Cutting?

Yes, many modern rotary label die-cutting machines utilize servo motor-driven systems for precision cutting. Servo motors are a key component in these machines as they offer several advantages that contribute to accurate and consistent label cutting:

  • Precision Control

Servo motors provide precise control over the movement of the cutting tool. They can move in very small increments, allowing for intricate and detailed cuts with high accuracy.

  • Repeatable Performance

Servo motors offer excellent repeatability, meaning the same cutting pattern can be reproduced consistently over multiple runs, resulting in uniform and standardized labels.

  • Variable Speeds

Servo motors can change speed quickly and smoothly, which is particularly useful when transitioning between different label shapes or sizes within the same production run.

  • Flexibility

The flexibility of servo motors allows for adjustments in real-time. This is beneficial for making on-the-fly changes to cutting patterns or compensating for material irregularities.

  • Reduced Wear and Tear

Servo motors generate less heat and experience less wear and tear than traditional motors. This contributes to the longevity and reliability of the machine.

  • Enhanced Automation

Servo motor-driven systems can be integrated into automated workflows, making managing production easier and reducing the potential for human errors.

Is The Machine User-Friendly And Easy To Set Up?

Yes, the rotary label die-cutting machine is intentionally designed with user-friendliness in mind, making setup and operation straightforward. Its intuitive interface, guided setup processes, and clear instructions provide operators with a seamless experience. This user-friendly design minimizes the learning curve, enhances productivity, and ensures that even new users can quickly become proficient in operating the machine effectively.

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