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  • Digital Label Die Cutter 1
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  • Digital Label Die Cutter 3
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High-End Digital label die cutter machine

  • The frame of the whole digital label cutting machine is all finely cast, and the heavy-duty can better reduce vibration and anti-deformation.
  • The maximum label material thickness is 0.35mm, with no liner limit.
  • 10 servo systems, the blade units can be set automatically: pressure, distance, and tool cutting path.
  • Any shape label, any material, whatever you want.

Digital label die cutter models

Digital cutting machine-casting
The best feature of this die cutting machine is that the frame is made of cast iron in one piece for high precision and long service life. The machine adopts full servo control system, which makes the replacement work easy and comfortable.
This digital label die cutter multifunctional laminating, digital die-cutting, automatic slitting and high-speed slitting functions in one machine. Of course, single function operation is also available.
Digital cutting machine - all in one
This digital cutting all-in-one machine is based on SMQ-A with added printing function. It combines multifunctional laminating, digital printing, digital die-cutting, automatic slitting, and high-speed slitting functions in one machine. Of course, you can also choose to run a single function. Digital printing with water-based ink or UV ink.
Digital cutting machine-double station
This model machine combines the functions of laminating, digital cutting, automatic slitting and high-speed paper cutting. Adopting double digital cutting station design to achieve double speed.
Digital cutting machine- office
This model of machine is suitable for small spaces such as offices. Combines laminating, digital cutting and slitting in one machine.

Digital Cutting Machine Parameter Configuration

Parameter Configuration Data Parameter Configuration Data
Digital die-cutting uses knife line file format AI/DXF/PDF Electric eye 1 set
Max feeding width 350mm Air pressure requirements 0.6Mpa
Digital die cutting longest jump 980mm Voltage 3PH+N+PE 380V
Full servo automatic blade lifting device 3 blades Rated current 18A
Minimum spacing of three knives in a single group/Maximum spacing 65mm/260mm Total power 8KW
Paper Feeder Loading Material Diameter 500mm Machine Weight About 1.8T
Winder loading material diameter 500mm Machine size Length 2150mm*width
Automatic correction device 1 set

Elevate Your Label Production Process with DIMO

Effortless Operation

Effortless Operation

Our digital label die cutter empowers you to modify knife effortlessly dies via computer, catering to diverse label designs with ease.

Remarkable Versatility

Accommodate diverse label designs without requiring internal machine tweaks.

Remarkable Versatility
Unmatched Efficiency

Unmatched Efficiency

Minimize downtime and maximize output with the auto web guide and CCD QR code positioner.

Customized digital label cutting machine

Enhance material processing efficiency with our digital label cutting machine
Slitting Machine
Transform wide rolls of material into smaller rolls or sheets of specific width.
Flat bed die cutting machine
Change continuous rolls of material into separate, uniform sheets for packing or printing.
UV Inkjet digital printing machine
Reproduce high-quality images, text, graphics, and designs onto various materials.

DIMO TECH Your The Best Die Cutting Machine Service Provider

We offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge die-cutting machines tailored to your specific needs at DIMO TECH.

  • Professional installation and setup services
  • Tailoring die-cutting machines
  • Timely maintenance and repair
  • Reliable supply of genuine spare parts
  • Reduce waste and save on material and energy costs
  • Digital computer software installation for better efficiency

FAQ Guide

What is a Digital Label Die Cutter, and how does it work?

A Digital Label Die Cutter is a specialized machine for precisely cutting custom shapes and designs out of label materials, such as paper, adhesive sheets, and films, using digital technology. Here is how it works:

  • Digital Design Creation

The process begins with creating or importing a digital design file using software like Adobe Illustrator. This file defines the specific shape and dimensions of the labels to be cut.

  • Loading the Material

The label material, such as a roll of adhesive sheets or paper, is loaded onto the machine’s feeding mechanism.

  • Digital Imaging System

The machine uses a digital imaging system, often a camera or sensor, to precisely locate the label material’s printed design or registration marks. This step ensures accurate alignment for cutting.

  • Computer-Controlled Cutting

The digital label die cutter is connected to a computer that controls the cutting process. The digital design file is sent to the machine’s software, which guides the cutting head to follow the precise path of the design.

  • Cutting Mechanism

The machine’s cutting head is equipped with sharp blades or lasers that precisely cut through the label material along the defined path. The material is cut based on the digital design file, resulting in labels of the desired shape.

  • Waste Removal

In some machines, a waste removal system may be incorporated to automatically remove excess material around the cut labels, leaving only the finished labels on the material roll.

  • Collection and Stacking

The cut labels are collected on a conveyor belt or stacked in a designated area for further processing, packaging, or application.

What are the key advantages of using a digital label die cutter for label production?

Advantages of digital label die cutter include.

  • Customization

Label die cutters offer the flexibility to create labels of any shape or design without physical dies, enabling customization and personalization.

  • Accuracy

The digital imaging system ensures precise alignment of the cutting path with the printed design, resulting in accurate and consistent cuts.

  • Quick Setup

Traditional die-cutting setups require time-consuming die creation and adjustments. Digital label die cutters eliminate these steps, allowing quick and easy design changes.

  • Reduced Waste

Digital cutting minimizes material waste since it doesn’t require physical dies or extensive setup.

  • Short Runs

Digital label die cutters are ideal for short to medium-label production runs, making them suitable for on-demand and variable data printing.

  • Efficiency

The computer-controlled process reduces manual labor, increasing efficiency and faster production times.

Can the Digital Label Die Cutter handle different label materials like paper, film, and adhesive materials?

Yes, a Digital Label Die Cutter is designed to handle a wide range of label materials, including paper, film, adhesive, and more. The machine’s versatility allows it to cut various label substrates with precision and accuracy.

How precise and accurate is the cutting capability of the Digital Label Die Cutter?

The cutting capability of a Digital Label Die Cutter is exact and accurate, making it a preferred choice for producing intricate and precisely shaped labels. The accuracy of the cutting is achieved through the integration of advanced digital imaging systems, precise mechanical components, and computer-controlled technology.

What sizes and shapes of labels can the machine produce?

A Digital Label Die Cutter offers remarkable flexibility and versatility in producing a wide range of label sizes and shapes.

  • Label Sizes

Minimum Size

 Most digital label die cutters can produce labels as small as a few square millimeters. This is especially useful for applications requiring tiny labels, such as electronics, medical devices, or small product packaging.

Maximum Size

The maximum label size that a machine can produce varies widely. Some machines can handle label widths of up to 350mm or more, making them suitable for larger packaging labels, banners, and signs.

Customizable Sizes

One of the key advantages of a digital label die cutter is the ability to create labels of custom sizes. This means you can produce labels that fall within the range of the machine’s specifications, accommodating various application needs.

  • Label Shapes

Standard Shapes

Digital label die cutters can effortlessly create labels with standard shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, and ovals. These shapes are commonly used for a wide range of applications.

Complex Shapes

The precision of a digital label die cutter enables the production of labels with intricate and complex shapes. This includes designs with sharp angles, curves, and fine details.

Contour Cutting

The machine can perform contour cutting, which means it can accurately follow the outline of a design, image, or text, allowing for labels with irregular or unique shapes.

What is a digital plotter cutting machine, and what are its technical specifications

A digital plotter cutting machine is used for precise and automated cutting of various materials, such as paper, cardboard, vinyl, fabric, and more. It operates based on digital design files and offers high precision and efficiency in producing intricate shapes, patterns, and designs. 

Technical Parameters

  • The maximum width is 350mm.
  • The maximum distance the machine can repeatedly cut along the length of the material. Here, it is 980mm.
  • The air pressure is 0.6 megapascals (Mpa).
  •  The electrical voltage required is 3-phase (3PH) + Neutral (N) + Protective Earth (PE) at 380 volts.
  • The amount of electrical current the machine consumes is 18 amperes (A).
  • The total power consumption is 8KW.
  • The total weight of the machine is 1800 kilograms (KG).
  • The physical dimensions are (L)2150mm x (W)1300mm x (H)1500mm.
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